Online Sunday Service, 10.30am!

After the success of our Holy Week videos and live service from the Vicarage garden, we are going to try our first full digital Sunday Service this weekend.

This service will be made up of a series of pre-recorded videos, music played by Ian and Elliott and service delivered by Rev Phil Batchford. All words will be shown on the screen so no printing needed. 

The service will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and will go live on Sunday morning, with the service officially starting at 10:30. Links to access the service will be available on our Facebook page and group.

Please join us as we all gather together online, to worship on Sunday morning!

If you can, please send share with us pictures of you getting involved, so we can share the good news as far as possible and show people how they too can rejoice with us! 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel today and join us at 10:30 on Sunday.

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